Validating rss

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Validating rss

Normally you could just test for the latest version of the tools on your servers but the fixed version isn't out yet. What we're looking for is whether the driver has RSS enabled.

You might read online that it's impossible but that's nonsense.

Please Note: this will be affected by the amount of updates that have been added to the Feed within the frequency time and whether you set the auto-poster to post repeats or only post new entries. You can set whether or not you want to be notified when posts from the RSS Feed are sent out in which case you’ll be sent an email when a new posts is sent out. By selecting whether a Feed is Active or Paused, you can temporarily disable an auto-poster without having to delete the settings you’ve added.

You can save your settings now otherwise, please see the Advanced Options below. You can select whether the system will look to post out existing posts which were added to the RSS Feed previous to it being added to Sendible or whether only new posts are brought through.

And I did a bunch of investigation to try to first understand the issue, and then to fix it. But I was saved by the coding expertise of Shane Bishop, the brains behind the incredible plugin, EWWW Image Optimizer which can compress the images on your Word Press blog in order to make it serve content faster. ) So, I can’t take ANY credit for the fix that follows!

When you subscribe to a site's feed link, your feed reader (for example, Thunderbird) automatically checks the location and downloads the articles to local folders. Use your web browser to open a website that you want to subscribe to.

While not many people use RSS directly anymore, there are content aggregation sites (like Feedly) that pull in RSS feeds in order to display the content.

I’m not a web developer so the fix was not something immediately apparent to me.

When I did that, the service couldn’t pull my feed. So, I went over to the “Troubleshootize” tab on Feedburner and decided to check the “Original Feed Validity” (which uses Feed to do so). Directly below that was my site’s title which showed “High Tech Dad™” with a little red arrow pointing at the “&” (ampersand).

After a bit of research (first starting on this page from the “help” link), I learned that in XML, you are forbidden from using an “&” (ampersand) symbol.

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Select the Content tab and then Feeds in the Dropdown menu or from the list to the left if you’re already in the Content section.2. For assistance with locating a relevant RSS Feed, please see this page. You will first need to add basic settings, so check the RSS Feed being displayed is the one you want to set the Autoposter up for.8.

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