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Tree ring cross dating software

Although it can read all valid TRi Da S files, it currently supports just a subset of the metadata fields.

Support for more fields will be gradually added in later releases so please keep your dpl R up-to-date. Converts data back and forth between 25 different dendro data formats.

The Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology (DCCD) is a European web-based repository of tree-ring data and metadata. The content is derived from cultural-heritage and (palaeo-)ecological studies of objects and sites dating from 6000 BC to present times.

It was digitized from a physical copy provided by the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at The University of Arizona.Therefore, the program is most useful after initial crossdating is accomplished using visual or graphical techniques (such as skeleton plots), and the rings have been measured.The proper use of COFECHA adds a high degree of confidence that tree-ring samples have been crossdated correctly and measured accurately, ensuring that the environmental signal is maximized.MS Access based database for storing and editing dendro metadata.In order to facilitate the switch to TRi Da S, a stand-alone database is made available through the DCCD website to all who wish to store detailed dendrochronological research information (metadata).

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In this paper, I describe the use of COFECHA through all necessary steps, and discuss the meaning of the initial questions posed at program start-up, the various options available in the main menu, the various sections of the output from COFECHA, and interpretation of the diagnostics of crossdating and measurement accuracy.