Sunday times online dating

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Sunday times online dating

So a new online dating club has been launched to help lonely supercar owners get to grips with the complex mechanics of intimate personal relations.

Or as puts it: “Make wealthy dating and social networking more efficient for those [who] share a passion for the supercar lifestyle.” The club, which was launched officially last week (it’s been invitation only up to now), is open to anyone who owns a supercar, as well as anyone interested in the sort of person who owns a supercar.

“The number of members is rising by about 20%-30% each month,” says Segaram, who was a millionaire at 24, thanks largely to property investments in Canary Wharf, east London (he also runs his family’s hospital business in Malaysia).

Set up in 2012, it provides users the option of meeting singles around them.

This online dating starts to feel like the nightclub I used to go to where drunken guys would do the rounds, staggering past every girl at closing time looking for someone, anyone for a goodnight kiss.

Gorgeous in Galway, 31, is actually drop-dead gorgeous and I wonder why the hell he is internet dating and more to the point, why he is looking at my profile? Ego in Ennis, 51, (and another of the faceless crew), insists that he has provided plenty of information about himself on his profile and that if I had read it properly, I would ‘clearly see’ that he would provide photos by email. He has Donald Trump hair to match the inflated sense of himself presented in his profile.

There is a membership category costing up to £135 a year for people who have a passion for fast metal but not the wherewithal.

On the site, these people are dubbed Fine Living Companions.

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Fellas would fancy you, especially now that you have learned how to plough a field.” They give me tips for internet dating. I signed up for internet dating, on a whim, early one Sunday morning, after yet another weekend on my own with my mutt. Oh gawd, the template online is looking for a photograph. It’s times like this that a burka seems like an attractive form of dress in middle Ireland. I feel like giving up there and then and resigning myself to old age, with just me and my handsome mutt.

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  1. I don't have a pic and probably will never have one. If he is too shallow to talk to me since I do not have a pic, he is not for me. For those who won't talk to people without a pic, what if its obvious web clip art, like the "cats in pain" genre of pics? Not from POF..another site back when I started this online dating idea...

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