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If you can avoid the destructive or obsessive side of Pluto, tapping into the Plutonic energy gives one enormous regenerative energy.

However, astrological aspects between planets are as representative - if not more - of the natal chart's signature.

The nature of the aspect depends on the number of degrees separating the two planets.

Aspects are of utmost importance in assessing the natal chart because they help in identifying the nature of the relationship, whether hard or soft, between the energies released by the planets involved, which constitutes all the complexity and richness of the personality.

Allan Amato This picture reminds me of my friend the Scorpio Sex Academic. She’s busy racing between training to be a Shaman, lecturing on sexual politics, pulling on Adult Friend Finder (semi-eligible ones too, by some weird miracle), perfecting chakra awakening Khundalini yoga poses & being quite a supportive friend. But you don’t need to be an actual Sun Sign Scorpio to be Plutonic.

Pluto in close aspect (I am just going to stay with the conjunction for today – that means ‘right next to’ aka conjoined) to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars makes you into a super-Plutonic person.

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Saturn’s role is to create order and consistency in your life through limitation, and this applies to your relationships as well.