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From professional to youth development, we will help any athlete go beyond their initial potential in a more intimate setting than anywhere else.Our professional coaching staff and biomechanical approach to speed, agility, and explosive training has helped thousands of athletes develop into elite-level players.Remember what butterflies in your stomach feel like, or goosebumps after that very first kiss, remember how brand new love helps you feel young all over again.Get in touch with us and let Mile High Singles help you to discover the person you once were.

I consider myself a very easy going person, even tempered.I enjoy many type of music from easy listening jazz to classical to country western especially Ian Tyson. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, ~cant-live-without-each-other~ love. I am not desperate for a relationship, but I do miss the feeling of having someone that can make me smile and feel appreciated.One of my hobbies is landscape painting and have become quite good, enough so that I can give them away as gifts to my family. Someone that can make calling and texting me the first and last thing he does everyday.My life long passion is genealogy and have been discovering my family roots for the past 25 years. Someone that will be there to hold me when I feel vulnerable.It’s time to close your eyes, take a breath and leap!

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It is time to get up off that sofa and start living, really living!

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  2. She is around 38 years of age and was working at our house since last 10 years so she don’t have any issue in staying with me, but she requested my parents that it will be helpful for her if her 17 years old daughter can also stay with her as she cant let her daughter live alone in house because her father also go for work in day time.

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