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Journal articles on teen dating violence

Female respondents were more likely to be perpetrators and less likely to be victims than male respondents.However, the study addressed only nonsexual physical violence (and not sexual or emotional violence); also, the severity of injuries could not be assessed.Violence is something that is all too common and according to researchers at Iowa State it is a reflection of the relationships teens have with their parents or their parent's partner."It is true that if you grow up in a violent household you have a higher likelihood of being in a violent relationship," said Brenda Lohman, lead author and an associate professor of human development and family studies at Iowa State University.It is one of the first studies to examine patterns of violence over three decades to see how children exposed to psychological violence and family stress were affected in relationships later in life.Researchers relied on data from the Iowa Youth and Family Project, a 24-year project assessing families in rural Iowa, as well as video recordings of families and couples having a discussion or completing assigned problem-solving tasks.

According to the survey study, nearly one in six adolescents seeking care in the ED reported being a victim or perpetrator of dating violence, which is distinct from intimate partner violence because of the shorter-term nature of dating and relationships among youths and young adults. Article Silverman JG, Raj A, Mucci LA, Hathaway JE. Pub Med Article Lormand DK, Markham CM, Peskin MF, et al. Pub Med Article Foshee VA, Reyes HLM, Gottfredson NC, Chang LY, Ennett ST. Pub Med Article Bonomi AE, Anderson ML, Nemeth J, Bartle-Haring S, Buettner C, Schipper D. Pub Med Article Swahn MH, Simon TR, Arias I, Bossarte RM. Pub Med Article Jouriles EN, Garrido E, Rosenfield D, Mc Donald R. Pub Med Article Wolfe DA, Scott K, Reitzel-Jaffe D, Wekerle C, Grasley C, Straatman AL. Pub Med Article Vagi KJ, Rothman EF, Latzman NE, Tharp AT, Hall DM, Breiding MJ. Pub Med Article Coker AL, Mc Keown RE, Sanderson M, Davis KE, Valois RF, Huebner ES. Pub Med Article Halpern CT, Oslak SG, Young ML, Martin SL, Kupper LL. Pub Med Article Foshee VA, Bauman KE, Linder F, Rice J, Wilcher R. Pub Med Article Foshee VA, Reyes HLM, Gottfredson NC, Chang LY, Ennett ST. Pub Med Article Chapman C, Laird J, Ifill N, Kewal Ramani A; US Dept of Education.Intimate partner violence (IPV) has been a well examined and documented phenomenon in adults; however, there has not been nearly as much study on violence in adolescent dating relationships, and it is therefore not as well understood.Acts reported included throwing objects, hitting, kicking, punching, shoving, shaking, slapping, and hair pulling.A history of alcohol or drug use, or depression, raised the risk of having experienced dating violence.

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