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Jordan Ozuna was banging the Biebs back in 2014 ... She also worked as a bottle girl there at a famous hotel and casino before moving to L. Seitdem postete seine Mutter Pattie fleißig Videos von den Auftritten ihres Sohnes auf You Tube.Der schnuckelige Sänger gewann schnell eine riesige Fanbase.But the strangest part of the TMZ story is that the headline is written as if it's a fact: Justin Bieber Dating Hailee Steinfeld.(no shade, but I mean, he wouldn't).Also Steinfeld — an Oscar-nominated actress — doesn't need to be dating Justin 'Real Slim Shady' Bieber!

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Justin Bieber und Selena Gomez führten seit 2012 eine On-Off-Beziehung.

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