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By 16 years old, I would become one of those girls who had had anal sex and still called herself a virgin.

It felt sexy and exciting to be liked by someone more "sophisticated," 16 to my 14.

The truth is that educated and sexually aware women are in the dark about something they are more than capable of doing. One girlfriend told me that her gynecologist stated that it was a myth; another said that only 3% of women could do it, and yet another said that she did not know it was physiologically possible.

Modern society is filled with messages that keep men and women from truly embracing the beauty of their sexuality. The answer is simple: along with negative social programming , there is an enormous and ridiculous FEAR around female sexuality. ) powers and incredible sensations has been successfully kept away from both women and men.

More and more, I became comfortable lying next to him naked. Slow or fast, he pushed his fingers inside of me, gently, then harder.It is what we call female ejaculate and it is less common. Simply said there is a lack of understanding of woman’s sexual health issues in this society.Ejaculation fluid is coming out of urethral opening but it is not urine. The tissue surrounding the urethra is not shown on the picture and is normally called the "urethral sponge." The paraurethral glands are imbedded in this tissue. In fact, this process is very similar to the process of male arousal. As a result the urethral sponge becomes “erected” and if you touch it feels firm. The only difference is that it all happens on the inside of a woman’s vagina.Therefore, you should prepare yourself and your place before she arrives! Women have very developed senses, and she will notice everything that is out of its proper place. To make the technique described in points 3 and 4 (see below) work, you have to trim your nails and file any sharp edges. Now you can shift your focus on warming her up through proper foreplay techniques.Therefore, you should always tidy your place up before she arrives. If everything is clean and shiny, you can add something that will make your place smell nice. Turn the soft lighting on to make her feel comfortable and relaxed. Prepare a great playlist of songs that will set the tone for sex later. All you have to do is to: Before you start, let her go to the bathroom to empty her bladder.

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