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I think the days of just putting up with your job no matter how miserable it makes you are over, and the only stipulation of claiming JSA is that you provide proof that you are actively seeking it i done now so if you leave OR get sacked you cant get dole for 6 months? Earlier this year I walked out of a job because the company was witholding wages as they were struggling to keep afloat, I made a JSA claim (the first step is to arrange an apointment on the phone) and was never once asked (neither this time or any of the others that I've had to claim JSA) about the circumstances of my unemployment. I was surprised by a few new discoveries, which in turn infuriated and saddened me. This being my second round as an official, government-stamped jobseeker, I felt like a hardened “veteran”, ready to take the old bull by its horns, or in Job Centre-speak, face the dreary sign-on days with a (forced) optimistic smile, a (pretend) calm demeanour and my jobseekers’ “book” filled out every fortnight with “the six main things I have done to find work”.The start date of your Housing and Council Tax Benefit: If we receive your Housing and Council Tax Benefit claim within one month of your claim for State Benefits, your date of claim will be the first day you were entitled to that State Benefit.

Any system without a feedback mechanism will be riddled with these idiocies and inconsistencies, and on some level the people in charge must know that. Because then it would be easy to say you’ve broken up and you’re sharing a house with two friends.My local Job Centre is only two minutes away but they also only have a couple of phones and are usually occupied by people who have had the same idea.Note that at a Job Centre you will have no privacy either. If you have Internet access at home, don’t bother with the phone: apply for your JSA online – you can do this now on the Directgov site.These are numbers that are supposedly charged at the same rate as a local call from a BT landline but can cost a small fortune if you rely on mobile phones. COM, and search for a cheaper standard telephone number, or even a free one.Remember: it takes 30 minutes or more to apply for JSA on the phone. Not all Job Centres are listed on that site though, so if you can’t find your local one, try option 3 below. Borrow the phones from your local Job Centre Plus: if you have the stamina and patience, that is.

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Your date of claim is dependant upon five factors: Based upon these factors we will determine your date of claim and then the date upon which your benefit will start.

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